Timber skylight structure and timber glass balustrades and wood theme kitchen

Furniture occupy most of the space of our rooms or offices and its play a very important decorative art role in interior design. You may have a very well designed and constructed building but it will be mentally turn off when you enter into a room with its’ carpentry and furniture not in good condition and not matching the room style.

Carpentry is the wood joining skill that determine the outlook and style of a furniture. Only an experienced and professional carpenter can design and custom made a furniture or timber piece that is unique in style, right in dimensions and perfect in finishing that able to form an ideal synergistic effect with your room interior design.

Professional Carpenter Knows the Timber Properties

They know the right tools and materials to be used, the proper joining method for the timber blocks or boards to form a strong and long lasting joint. They will not make a mistake of using the wrong timber that only suitable for using in indoor for fabricating an outdoor garden furniture or patio. They will not fabricate an over-sized or over height furniture that will block the occupant movement and difficult to operate.

Take Care Timber Grain and Finishing

Professional carpenter also performs a guru level craftsmanship and carefully take care of the wood finishing. Some unfurnished wood has very natural and elegance wood grain, extra finishing work will only spoil it naturally beauty. Professional carpenter will fabricate furniture by completely retain its natural properties and finishing. While for those finished wood, professional carpenter will give a perfect finishing process like applying varnish, paint, shellac, wax, etc to achieve a finishing surface that as good as natural wood beauty.

We strongly advise you to engage Ideahome Renovation professional carpentry and furniture team to carry out carpentry work for your home and furniture. Our professional carpentry and furniture services including:

  • Design, fabricate and custom made furniture such as wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, office system, TV console, timber deck, fence, structure for glass skylight, pergola, etc.
  • Design, fabricate and custom made furniture or building structure with various styles and timber materials such as teak, rubberwood, meranti, plywood, etc.
  • Old and damaged furniture refurbishing and rectification
  • and more.

IdeaHome Renovation Other Services

Interior Design

Various interior design themes or styles: Modern, Mediterranean, Retro, etc.


Wall & Partition

Build concrete, cement structure, partition wall, fireproof wall, plastering, etc.


Roof & Ceiling

Design, install & repair roof tiles, typical or plaster ceiling, awning, pergola, skyight,etc.


Tiles & Flooring

Design, install & repair work of floor tiles & wall tiles , floor refurbishing & polishing.


Painting & Wallpaper

Skillful and affordable interior & exterior building painting, wallpapers installation.


Doors & Windows

Design & install various materials & grades of windows, doors, frames & grills.


Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires laying, power points, lightnings, water heater, etc installation.


Plumbing & Bathroom

Bathroom decor, piping system design & laying & sanitary wares installation


Kitchen Cabinet

Design & installation of different design style & materials of kitchen cabinets.


Metals Fabrication

Various metal materials (aluminum, steel, etc) structure, grilles, etc fabrication.


Security System

Design & install building security system (CCTV, alarm system, access card door, etc)


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