Performance aluminium foldable glass door and weatherproof aluminium casement windowsThe doors and windows of a building play a considerable role in determining its level of beauty. While a building may be really well constructed, it can be a mental turn-off if you found its doors and windows are bad in shape and design . Therefore, a property owner needs to take extreme caution on selection and installation of doors and windows.

With the advancement of windows and doors fabrication technology and innovative of manufacturer, there are numerous types of doors and windows with different ranges of dimensions, variety of styles and patterns, different fabrication materials for different environment and different locking mechanism that required different installation method. It is essential to get the advices from expert before you make a choice of doors and windows for your premise.

Dimensions Play an Important Role

Dimensions refers to the doors and windows opening ratio to the building structure are perfect and proper clearance are kept between opening body and its frame. It will definitely look awkward if the installed doors and windows dimensions are oversized or undersized and bad clearance result in opening and closing difficulties for the user.

Styles and Pattern Suit your Preferences and Practicalities

 Doors and windows styles and pattern can be standard and also can be customized depends on the preferences of building owner and practicalities that desired. Some people prefers conventional hinged wooden doors due to their favouritism of natural wood grains pattern while some prefers installing sliding doors since it looks modern and makes the room more spacious by saving the door opening swinging space. We can also see some building owners choose to install French windows to bring in more natural lights for a room or choose to install vertical sliding wooden structure windows in order to match the cottage interior design style.

Different Material for Different Environment

Selection of doors and windows materials also an important criterion that need to be very cautious. You definitely don’t want forming of mildew, decay or corrosion on doors and windows structures since making a costly mistake on selecting wood or galvanized steels as the main fabrication materials for bathroom or wet kitchen doors. Wood or galvanized steel cannot last long in damp environment. Instead, vinyl, aluminium or mild steel with paint coating doors and windows should be used for this kind of environment.

Apart from some example criterion that we have mentioned above, there are a lot more need to be known and take into accounts before you install doors and windows. Leave all these to Ideahome Renovation. We are professional in doors and windows field and our team provides services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our doors and windows services including:

  • Supply and install full set of doors and windows structure(frame, grilles, door, window, lock set, door closer, window screen, etc)
  • Supply and install door and windows with variety of grades and materials such as vinyl, tampered glass, stainless steel, aluminium, wrought iron, wood, mild steel, etc.
  • Supply and install art doors and art windows with various styles and patterns such as sliding door, foldable doors, fire-rated door, casement window, sliding window etc.
  • Application of  tinted glass for windows or doors glasses.
  • Damaged doors and windows identification, rectification and replacement.
  • and more.

IdeaHome Renovation Other Services

Interior Design

Various interior design themes or styles: Modern, Mediterranean, Retro, etc.


Wall & Partition

Build concrete, cement structure, partition wall, fireproof wall, plastering, etc.


Roof & Ceiling

Design, install & repair roof tiles, typical or plaster ceiling, awning, pergola, skylight, etc.


Tiles & Flooring

Design, install & repair work of floor tiles & wall tiles , floor refurbishing & polishing.


Painting & Wallpaper

Skillful and affordable interior & exterior building painting, wallpapers installation.


Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires laying, power points, lightnings, water heater, etc installation.


Plumbing & Bathroom

Bathroom decor, piping system design & laying & sanitary wares installation


Kitchen Cabinet

Design & installation of different design style & materials of kitchen cabinets.


Carpentry & Furniture

Various carpentry & furniture works (wardrobe, office system, staircase, structure, etc)


Metals Fabrication

Various metal materials (aluminum, steel, etc) structure, grilles, etc fabrication.


Security System

Design & install building security system (CCTV, alarm system, access card door, etc)


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