Customer serving style dining table top and wooden-style modern kitchen designIf you are a property owner who know how to cook or like to cook, surely you will want to have a fully equipped and well designed style kitchen in your home desperately. Imagine how convenience and pleasant is it if you can cook a lot of delicacies for your family in a kitchen that fully equipped with elegance cabinets, advance kitchen appliances, stylish countertop, etc which are all well designed with a height that suit your body height and its layout and location are all built in a manner to facilitate your cooking process.

Perfect Kitchen Design Fully Utilize Available Space

When designing a kitchen, kitchen space and layout are the important aspect that we need to take into account. By mean of a well designed layout and proper furnishing and decorating of the of kitchen appliances, paint colour selection, natural and indoor light directing, etc, your kitchen may look bigger and spacious and will create a very welcoming atmosphere for your visitors. Apart from this, well designed kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances layout also fully utilize the available space to enhance kitchen storage to store and hide your cooking utensils and wares that prevent a messy sense for your kitchen.

Selection of Materials that Match Kitchen Style

The selection of materials for the designed kitchen renovation is a lot depends on the preferences of the owner and the aesthetic effect or desired style that want to achieve. You may choose a granite or wooden stove and backsplash due to the elegance feel that materials can emerge or you can choose stainless steel or laminate glass which provide minimalist and modern look. There are many more other materials like marble, porcelain, soapstone, poured concrete, etc can be used to add vibrancy and character for your kitchen.

Ideahome Renovation creative and professional kitchen design services including:

  • Provide ideas, materials, labours to design, build, renovate or upgrade kitchen.
  • Variety of unique and innovative kitchen space and layout design.
  • Various materials of kitchen furniture, kitchen features and kitchen appliances design and installation (kitchen cabinet, countertop, cabinet oven, stove, backsplash, hood, etc)
  • Various materials and design of kitchen wall and floor tiles installation.
  • and more.

IdeaHome Renovation Other Services

Interior Design

Various interior design themes or styles: Modern, Mediterranean, Retro, etc.


Wall & Partition

Build concrete, cement structure, partition wall, fireproof wall, plastering, etc.


Roof & Ceiling

Design, install & repair roof tiles, typical or plaster ceiling, awning, pergola, skylight, etc.


Tiles & Flooring

Design, install & repair work of floor tiles & wall tiles , floor refurbishing & polishing.


Painting & Wallpaper

Skillful and affordable interior & exterior building painting, wallpapers installation.


Doors & Windows

Design & install various materials & grades of windows, doors, frames & grills.


Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires laying, power points, lightnings, water heater, etc installation.


Plumbing & Bathroom

Bathroom decor, piping system design & laying & sanitary wares installation


Carpentry & Furniture

Various carpentry & furniture works (wardrobe, office system, staircase, structure, etc)


Metals Fabrication

Various metal materials (aluminum, steel, etc) structure, grilles, etc fabrication.


Security System

Design & install building security system (CCTV, alarm system, access card door, etc)


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