Security passcode intercom access system and security system devices

Why we need security system?

Every day we are exposed in an environment that anytime we may become the next target or victim of a criminal. The criminals modus operandi have became more and more difficult to be guarded against. Even we are staying or living in a guarded and gated area with the protection of perimeter walls and security post, yet we are not considered 100% safe. It becomes an essential to setup and install an integrity security system such as CCTV, auto-gate, intercom, alarm system etc in our properties to enhance the protection for our family and valuable belongings.

The accessibility of the security system become more and more easy with the advancement of technology. You are able to remote control the system or monitor your company and home condition with your laptop, tablet or smart-phone whenever and wherever you are. No matter is burglar intrusion, fire detected or stranger visit, you and the security centre are the first person to be informed and you are able to react to the abnormality immediately. Below are some of the common items of security system:

Video surveillance system

Need to be installed in premises to have a real time and play back recording video. It has a deterrent effect to burglar or home maid since it will record down the whole process of crime or kids abusing, provides evidence that facilitate the investigation of enforcement unit and court of law.


Reduce personnel exposure of becoming criminal target by providing the  convenience of no need to get off his/her car to manually open the house main entrance gate.

Alarm system

Trigger the siren that alert your neighbours and activate the enforcement unit to scare and chase away the criminals.

PVB laminated anti-burglar glass

Advise to be applied for your premises windows and sliding doors due to its durability, hard to break (anti-burglar intrusion) properties.

Smoke Detector

Detect the fire with sensing the emitted smoke particles sensitively and activate the premises owner to react or put out the fire before it becomes uncontrollable and cause losses.

Access Control System

Unauthorized personnel are unable to access the premises with the control of access control system, such as intercom device, magnetized door, finger print, access card or password  identification door locking system, etc.

If your premises not yet installed any building security system, it is strongly advise you to take action immediately by engaging Ideahome Renovation expert security system team to enhance the security protection for  your beloved family and valuable belongings. Our building security system services for residential, commercial and industrial properties including:

  • Design, setup, upgrade, program and installation of building security system, such as CCTV, smoke detector, auto-gate, alarm system, PVB laminated anti-burglar glass, remote control and accessibility application, etc.
  • and more.

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