Nice design style marble wall and flooring and vinyl tiles

Flooring and wall tiling refer to lay or apply a layer of material on an existing concrete floor and wall structure. It must have the basic properties of flat, durable, strong, long-lasting and slip-resistance. Our wise ancient predecessor had widely start using different types of materials for building floor covering and wall covering, such as terracotta, stone, wood, terrazzo, mosaic, marble, porcelain, etc.

Advance Technology Creates more Tiles Options

As time changes, by means of advanced technology, we are no more limited for using only the above mentioned conventional materials for floor covering and wall tiling, there are more and more materials such as vinyl, rubber, ceramic tiles,  tempered glass ,carpet, etc with various hardness, surface textures and patterns have been developed and used.

The advantages of flooring and wall tiling  application are it improves the floor and wall durability, good in slip and stain resistance, easy to be maintained and cleaned, improve building aesthetic effects, improve property resale value, etc. Some people may think the initial investment for floor and wall tiling is high, but it is worth in price for long-term wise due to its few decade life time and ease of maintenance properties. Hence, floor and wall tiling application become the essential of modern buildings now a day in Malaysia.

Selection of Tiles and Flooring Materials is Important

Selection of the materials for building’s flooring and wall tiling mostly depends on its main application and the building owner preferences. Marble, vinyl tiles, carpet,  glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, etc are more popular for the residential and commercial building due to its practicalities properties such as durable, stain and slip-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and more important is the desired significant aesthetic effects it can achieve. Industrial building with high wear and tear tendency and frequent subject to heavy load application, mostly using stones or unglazed heavy duty ceramic tiles due to its durability, great impact and slip resistant properties.

Ideahome Renovation knows everything about design, materials, maintenance, and application of floor and wall tiling. Our professional floor and wall tiling teams commit to provide a guru level craftsmanship with a competitive price. Our flooring and wall tiling services for residential, commercial and industrial properties including:

  • Various materials of flooring and full-height or non-full-height wall tiling application such as stone, stone tiles, ceramic tiles, tampered glass, porcelain, parquet, vinyl tiles, rubber tiles, mosaic, terracotta, terrazzo, marble, carpet, etc.
  • Flooring and wall tiling decorative styles design and installation for kitchen, stove, bathroom, room, guest room, outdoor porch, stoops, patio, etc.
  • Damaged or chipped flooring and wall tiling identification, rectification and replacement.
  • Flooring and wall tiling maintenance, refurbishing and polishing.
  • and more.

IdeaHome Renovation Other Services

Interior Design

Various interior design themes or styles: Modern, Mediterranean, Retro, etc.


Wall & Partition

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Roof & Ceiling

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Doors & Windows

Design & install various materials & grades of windows, doors, frames & grills.


Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires laying, power points, lightnings, water heater, etc installation.


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Bathroom decor, piping system design & laying & sanitary wares installation


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Design & installation of different design style & materials of kitchen cabinets.


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Various carpentry & furniture works (wardrobe, office system, staircase, structure, etc)


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Various metal materials (aluminum, steel, etc) structure, grilles, etc fabrication.


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Design & install building security system (CCTV, alarm system, access card door, etc)


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